How to unclog the sink?

Methods to unclog the Sink?

Hands-on removal

A clogged sink can cause great inconvenience, but before you call a plumber, consider unblocking the sink yourself. If a large piece of debris is clogging the water pipe, removing it by hand can effectively solve the problem. But you can also make your own natural plumbing cleaner or use chemical cleaners to help remove unnecessary objects in the sink pipe. Here is a list of the most common ways to unblock the sink. You may consider trying these methods the next time the sink is blocked.

Use a bent wire hanger to clear the blockage.

If you suspect that hair or other solids are blocking the sink, you may be able to use a bent old wire hanger to fish out the item.
Try to straighten the wire hanger as much as possible. Bend one end slightly to make a small hook that can enter the sink pipe.

Slide the end of the wire hanger that forms a small hook down into the water pipe. Try to press the wire to the side of the pipe instead of pushing it into the center of the pipe. This will minimize the risk of pushing the blockage further down.

Once you detect resistance, you can twist and manipulate the hanger to try to hook the blockage. Pull the wire up to remove the blockage as much as possible.
Turn on the faucet to pour hot tap water into the sink and into the pipe for two minutes. Try to use hot water and make sure that the water flows quickly, but if the sink starts to accumulate water, you need to turn off the faucet.

Use a leather squeegee (toilet pump) to loosen the blockage.

Use a normal leather squeegee to forcefully suck out the blockage.
If the sink you are dredging has two pipes, you can tightly wrap a damp cloth around one of the pipes to seal it off.

Cover the other pipe with the skin stick and keep it vertical.
Fill the other side of the sink with water until the water level is 7.5 to 10 cm high. This can help Pi Lianzi to form a sealed vacuum around the pipe.

Put the bowl-shaped rubber head of the Pi Liaozi into the water against the water pipe mouth and guide the water to the pipe. Press down the rubber head firmly, then pull it back quickly for 20 seconds. During the process, don’t let the Pi Liaozi get rid of the water pipe and break the sealed vacuum.
In the last vertical upward movement, the Pi Tiaozi was completely pulled out of the water pipe.
You may need to use a leather spatula to unclog the sink for a few minutes to loosen the blockage.

Clean the P-shaped trap.

P-type traps usually intercept debris and other blockages before they can penetrate deeper into the pipeline. This part of the pipe is usually directly under the sink, which can be disassembled and cleaned by hand.

Put the big bucket under the water trap. Once you remove the trap, the bucket can hold debris or water falling from the pipe.
Use sliding joint pliers to loosen the nut on the trap, and then unscrew the nut by hand. Slide the nut out of the connection and carefully remove the trap.

Use a small wire brush to remove debris from the trap and pour them into the bucket below. Use the same wire brush to clean the trap.

Carefully rinse the trap with hot water. You may need to clean in another sink because part of the water pipe in the sink that is being dredged has been removed.
Reconnect the trap to the remaining pipes. If the nut washers show obvious signs of wear, you can replace them.

Use a snake pipe dredge to clean the water pipe.

If the blockage gets deep into the sink pipe, you may need to use a snake pipe dredge to remove it.
Disassemble the P-shaped trap and other pipes connected to the water pipe and place them against the wall.
Pull out a 15 to 25 cm long serpentine cable.

Thread the tip of the serpentine cable into the removed water pipe. Tighten the set screw.
Turn the crank clockwise to turn it into the pipe. The resistance you feel at first is probably caused by the serpentine cable having to go through turns and corners.

Once you hit the blockage, keep turning the crank until you feel the tip of the serpentine cable break into the other side. The tension of the cable will be greatly reduced after passing through the other side.
Turn the crank counterclockwise to pull out the cable. You can clean it up when you take out the cable.
If necessary, repeat the above process until you no longer feel the blockage, and install the pipe in the original state.

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